Monday, May 31, 2010

Angel Girl's BIG Day

My sweet girl turned 5!!!!! She has changed so much! Just look at her when she was 2 and now at 5!

I was able to surprise Angel Girl with a birthday slumber party. She just loves her best friend!

Blowing out her candles! She is such a simple gal. Strawberry cake, "Mommy's" vanilla icing, and it HAD to have a BIG 5 on it!

My sweet Girl is a terrific sister and friend to her brothers. They absolutely LOVE her!


PRESENTS! Sweet girl had a very HAPPY day!

Thanking you Dear Lord for this precious, little girl! Just love her tender heart, curiosity, giggles, listening to her pray, watching her imagination at work, hugs and kisses. . . .the list will never end!

Peaceful Sleep

Can it get any better than this. . . . .

I am partial, but isn't he just precious!!!

Waking up . . . .

"Hi, Mommy!"

My baby boy is getting so big!

I could just smother him with kisses!

AND I DID! ;0)