Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2011 part 2

Updating my blog with pictures makes me realize that I must take more pictures of my darlings!  They are growing up extremely too fast to my liking!  :(  Thankful for the precious memories I have captured with my camera!  Now where is that camera. . . 


T-Ball "season" ends~A & C had a great time!

Loves feeding himself~Mommy is grateful for a neat eater!

~Blessing # 4 is due December 25~

Little Boys and their trucks

Concentrating on driving Mr. Percy on the lid.  Ha!


Sweet girl

Celebrating birthdays with Uncle Chad at Pawpa & Mimi's.
Most importantly, celebrating our Lord's Ressurrection!
(And of course, I did not get a picture of everyone before or after church)

My sweet Momma and Daddy

Cooling off!

The BIG kid has to get in on the fun too!

Loves his Cheerios~brother dumped the box.

Friday, August 17, 2012

2011 in Pictures

I did not find a picture taken in January!  *SIGH*


 Big Brother turned "3"!!!!!

 Enjoying opening his presents.

 Little Brother had to work his way around to all the presents!

 Celebrating with Family~He had to "read" all of his cards before opening his presents.  Love it!


 Love that little grin.

 TBall Season!

 Standing, but not quite comfortable to walk around without something to hold on to.

 Pulling for the WRONG team~Roll Tide ALL the way!

 Let's play in the rain!

 Pickin and a grinnin. . . .

 Glass door knob from my Grandparents old house~brings back fond memories.

 Only in the warm south would signs of Spring appear in February.


 Baby hair with a bit of a curl

 Sweet baby hands that are forever leaving their prints on doors and mirrors.

 Chubby Baby Legs

 Bye bye baby hair. . . .

 . . . .Hello big boy hair cut!

 Cutie Pie!

 I am RUNNING!!!!!!!!!

 Reading, reading, reading. . . .and he is all ears!

My Big Girl~End of kindergarten picture 

Catching Up!

So much has happened since my last post.

I am going to end 2010 with pictures. . . . and yes the date for this post is correct. :)

Thanksgiving~A time to give THANKS

It was cold, yes even in the south!

Thankful to have Grandma and Grandpa spend Thanksgiving with us!

Father and Son

Cutie Pies~Love the light of the sunset

Ready for MasterClubs

Celebrating Pawpa's 60th

Blessing to have College Students over and fellowship with them.
They helped decorate our home for Christmas. It made them all the more excited to have their semester end and ready to head home for Christmas break!

Little Man turned one!!!!

I think he liked his cupcake! ;)

My fingers are still the best thing to have in my mouth!

Opening presents! If only I could get to just the box! Ha!

LOVE that wrinkled little nose!

One year picture

Christmas 2010


Tell me the stories of Jesus, I love to hear. . . .

Thank you Lord for these precious little ones!

WE praise the Lord for a wonderful, FULL, busy year!

Psalm 97:12 “Rejoice in the LORD, ye righteous; and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness.” (KJV)