Monday, October 20, 2014

Diligent Workers

Love teaching this sweet 4 yr old.
Collin loves reading blends and counting.

My big first grader!  I never thought Caiden was going to read!
He surprised me the end of June and has not slowed down!  He
loves first grade A Beka DVD this school year!  Mom was hesitant,  but
 he has surprised me and is working very diligently!

Ashlyn is loving 4th grade!  I am so thankful she is focused and
LOVES SCHOOL!  Her reading has improved so much!  Ashlyn's favorite subjects are
Bible, History and Science.  She is working at a much larger computer screen now.  The fun of the small
tablet did not last long!  Ha!  A Beka Streaming has been a blessing to our home!

Colten is learning his numbers and letters with Collin and Mommy.  He
is also learning to play quietly and independently.  He did not even notice that Collin
had completed school and was ready to playwith him.  He played with this car garage
and the same car for over 30 min.  My baby is growing up so quickly!

Watching the Boxcar Children.  Can you pick out who was just toooo exhausted to watch?

I scooped him up after this pictture and snuggled  with him.
I will take any moment I can with this busy little guy!

Happy, helpful, HARD workers!  Work gloves make it so
much more fun to do yard work!