Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday Happenings

Well, it has been a morning! Our plans for leaving early were delayed by rain. If God had not sent a hard rain, we would have never known we have a leak in our roof, that dripped through the ceiling and made a grand puddle at the foot of our bed. "Sigh" My Dearest climbed in the attic with one of my storage containers (once full of tiny baby A clothes) and was able to fit it nicely between the beams to catch water. I laughed (inwardly) at the thought of him trying to get it out of the attic full of water. When I mentioned this thought, without laughter, Dearest said the "guys" that are hired to fix the roof can pull it out. "Sigh". . . that should be interesting. (I am NOT handy, so I do not have a clue!) He assured me it is not a big leak. . . we have been down this road before. Dearest believes everything will be ok and we can go on as planned with our vacation. "Sigh" God allows these times for me to calm down and trust in Him. I am praying the Lord will slow down the rain so that I do not return from vacation with a nice, big hole in my ceiling. :0)

Sweet A is enjoying being my "hair dresser" and "make-up artist" as I type. I thought she only had my make-up brushes, but she found something else amongst the brushes. She panicked a bit after she had taken my eyeliner and "applied" it on my face. . . Oh, I wish the camera had been handy to capture her face!

I hope your rainy Saturday is spent with precious family and friends. . . .and trusting in our wonderful God.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Am I four yet, Momma?

"I am not three, I am four?!?" Today is my sweet Angel Girls birthday! A has been asking daily for the past month, "Am I four yet?". Now the day is here and she is enjoying soaking it all in! It is hard to believe that she entered this world at 8 lbs.,1 oz. and 21 in. long. Look at how big she is now!

My how the time flies! What a precious gift God blessed J and me with! We pray she will continue to grow physically and spiritually this next year of her life! Thank you God for our sweet Angel Girl! Happy Birthday Princess!