Monday, September 13, 2010

Taking a DEEP breath. . . .

Today I am taking many baby things to be sold at the Fall Mom2mom sale. (Lord willing they will sale!) Can I just say I have tears puddling up in my eyes right now. I am trying to hold them back! But down they pour! What was I thinking when I gathered all of these things Saturday?!?
Exersaucer, bumbo seat, mobile, bath tub, bouncy seat, etc, ETC!!!!!!!! Memories, memories, memories! I think I will take a deep breath and go hug my babies before they grow another second! (And I know all those "things" can be purchased again if they are needed!! ;0) )

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birthdays, Start of School, and Just Because. . .

This is what life has been all about the past month (or so). . . . .

Surprise!!! Happy birthday to Mimi!!!!

Hummingbird Cake. . . . Paula Deen

We surprised Mom for her 60th birthday.

So hard to get everyone to smile. . . . :)

Poor Little Man! His ears are really going to stick out!
His Momma is always kissing on them and his
cousin is always grabbing at them!

Oh how I LOVE my Mom and her sweet love for her Lord and Savior! Praying God will bless her with many more wonderful years! She is one that never complains and will tell you it is all because of His wonderful grace and faithfulness. I love you, Momma!

My nephew turned 3
(does he remind you of someone?)

and my sweet lil niece turned 1!

Silly cousins!

Angel Girl all ready for K5!!!
Hair curled and new top. Had to make her 1st day of HOME school memorable!

Our "class room"
(notice we are "dressing down" after the 1st day!)

Here are my just because. . . . .

. . . . . the days are challenging and sometimes difficult, but looking at those sweet faces reminds me to stick with it! So thankful for the wonderful Grace of God to help each step of the way!